valued collaborations

we commit our efforts to an open relationship with our customers, adapting to the multiple fronts establishing their reality

AMF Madrid

Experiencia demostrada

Supply of spare parts and materials for the aviation industry, and maintenance overhauls for certain aircraft models. The nature of their business requires them to manage large volumes of information from numerous suppliers and service providers.

Our collaborations :

[I] Optimizing operations by assisting with ERP migration, improving internal procedures and automating email classification and processing with AI tools

[II] Digitizing maintenance by selecting and adapting a tool to integrate their international office operations

[III] Coach & challenge by supporting compagny management and integration of new projects


Tomorrow’s water monitoring today

Non-contact water analysis, with identification and communication of alerts for rapid intervention. As a young technology compagny, the compagny is experiencing strong growth, with major challenges inherent to their transformation.

Our collaborations :

[I] set up partnerships by connecting their solutions with major international groups that can benefit from their solutions

[II] fundraising by preparing and defending their case, and introducing them to entities relevant to their mission

[III] Coach & challenge on compagny direction, business model and development priorities


Technology and people for a better world

Management of IT systems and devlopment of customized solutions.

Our collaborations :

[I] Promotion of the compagny in Switzerland with presentation of their capabilities and solutions

[II] follow-up of projects aimed at local customer satisfaction, from project definition to implementation of continuous improvement measures

[III] co-creation of joint projects benefiting from the combined IT and operational experience of both parties

other, more targeted collaborations focus on specific topics


Client-based participation in training projects for their foundation’s students based on real needs


Mapping of opportunities in the value chain of an invested company.

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