Business Development


expand your growth beyond established horizons

your challenge

your deployment plan is your focus …and it’s right!, your stakeholders expect you to align with ageed strategies ...and it’s right!, and you sense ther is untapped potential to address …and it’s damn right !!!

new paths

explore opportunities “below-the-radar”for growing new channels and new geographies that do not require adjusting your product

new collaborations

shape win-win scenarios for partnerships with chances to evolve into ongoing collaborations

multiple angles

consider playing simulations in your business model, in your processes, and in supporting technologies to uncover hidden openings

our solution

we treat every case individually and share our expertise and hands-on apporach to bring you the extra mile

we adapt to your reality

we consider the specific circumstances of each situation, adapting to your reality, your size, your status, your stability…

we focus on results

we aim at materializing and deploying opportunities by leveraging your knowledge, with sufficient understanding to effectively showcase your story to bring you results

we are pragmatic and methodical

we have a long-lasting experience in desing, implementation and operation of models, ranging from easy to sophisticated, and recognize how methods contribute pragmatically

we have strong values

we like collaborating with those who inspire us, to whom we can inspire, with deep honesty, trustworthiness and respect


we join ecosystems that broaden our purpose


we are members of a freelance senior talent network that extends our coverage, our reach and our capacity to deliver


our connections with schools, academia and thematic groups extend our understanding and access to new needs and opportunities

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